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cds Wohnbau builds a daycare in Prenzlauer Berg

The site for the residential and commercial property "Eldenaer Tor" is one of the last remaining ones still available in the development area "Alter Schlachthof", which has already been developed on all sides and with regard to transportation. It has an area of approx.: 2 933 sqm.


The combined urban planning concept for this site envisages a building in which the ground floor is used for commercial purposes. The modern apartments located above the commercially utilized ground floor will be comfortable, spacious, and possess roof decks with a spectacular view of downtown Berlin. An atrium allows additional daylight to enter the living areas of the apartments located further inside. The luxury apartments can be accessed easily via elevators.

Our focus has been on young families from the beginning. We hope the shortage of daycare places will be reduced once the daycare "Klax" has moved into the commercial unit of the development.

In addition, as a result of our five residential developments, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of young families with children, which means that the number of daycare centers will most definitely increase.


The combined residential and commercial development "Eldenaer Tor" has already been sold to an investor in its entirety and it is expected that the handover will take place in the summer of 2013. This is also when the daycare "Klax" will open its doors for the children.


More residential developments in the immediate vicinity:



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Spacious apartments with roof decks and an atrium 

The modern apartments on the 3rd floor are unique in the amount of spatial comfort they offer. A comfortably-sized staircase leads you up to the spacious roof deck with a spectacular view of downtown Berlin. In addition, an atrium allows additional daylight to enter the living areas located further inside. 

The project was sold as a whole to an investor, who will offer the apartments up for long-term rent. Interested parties may register at the rental office:

Point of contact:

Hendrik Malz

Tel: (030) 42 08 06 40 |

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The daycare "Klax" moves into the commercial unit

When we develop projects, our experts tailor the architecture to perfectly fit the location and the structures of each individual site. cds has always paid a great deal of attention to the leaders of tomorrow: our children. This is because children are our future. Hence, a family- and child-friendly environment are especially important to us.


At the heart of Friedrichshain, and right next to the Eldenaer Höfe, cds laid the foundation stone for a building meant for combined utilization in 2012: the residential and commercial building "Eldenaer Tor". It offers 700 square meters of living space and 800 square meters of floor space for a daycare center. Because it is mainly young families who will be moving into the neighboring town houses, a large number of childcare places will be needed there. The "Kita Klax" daycare is meant to address this need. For this project, we were able to cooperate with a renowned company that has operated daycare centers successfully for several decades. This cooperation would guarantee that this property with a social focus would be well-received.


Together with the residents of the Eldenaer Höfe, we are already looking forward to summer 2013, when the daycare "Kita Klax" will open its doors for the young boys and girls.


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Living at the heart of it all

Greater quality of life through easy access

Living in your own house on your own land in the middle of the city without having to deal with traffic jams on the way to work in the morning and in the evening on the way home allows you to spend more time with your family. Spend the time saved on the finer things in life: with your family, friends, or even a new hobby that you previously never had time for.
In just 13 minutes you can travel home from the Friedrichstraße. Forget the suburbs and turn left right before the traffic jams start. It is even easier with the BVG (public transport in Berlin): The S-Bahn, U-Bahn and street trams are merely a few steps away. A great variety of small cafes, restaurants and creative stores with an original selection of products are only a few city blocks away. In just 10 minutes, you can walk to the Simon-Dach-Straße. Pick from one of the 7 supermarkets nearby to do your weekend grocery shopping.


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Advantages of living in the city...

  • Short distances of travel to public transportation and all stores for daily necessities
  • Being in an environment surrounded by young people and numerous daycares, multilingual schools, playgrounds and parks
  • Only a few mins' walk from the Simon-Dach-Straße with its large selection of restaurants and cafes
  • Right next to the "hot spots": the Media-Spree and O2 Arena are only 1.5 km away
  • A wide variety of sporting facilities and gyms are also available
  • Relax and recuperate in the parks right outside your front door. The Volkspark Friedrichshain is also just 5 minutes away by bicycle.
  • You already know what the neighborhood will look like in future from the various residential developments currently under way. Some houses have already been finished and are currently occupied.
  • Ideal transport connections in all directions: 35 mins from Schönefeld Airport, 30 mins from Kurfürstendamm, and perfect connections when using public transport


cds Wohnbau Berlin GmbH

Eldenaer Tor

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Tel: (030) 20 43 20

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