Berlin - Eldenaer Tor | Project continues to grow

25.02.2013 | cds Administrator Susann Fünfstück

Advanced construction works are in full swing — "Klax" daycare center will be opening its doors for a large number of children in the area as early as summer 2013.

At the heart of Friedrichshain, and right next to the Eldenaer Höfe, cds laid the foundation stone for a building meant for combined utilization in 2012: the residential and commercial building "Eldenaer Tor". It offers 700 square meters of living space and 800 square meters of floor space for a daycare center. Because it is mainly young families who will be moving into the neighboring town houses, a large number of childcare places will be needed there. The "Kita Klax" daycare is meant to address this need. For this project, we were able to cooperate with a renowned company that has operated daycare centers successfully for several decades. This cooperation would guarantee that this property with a social focus would be well-received.

Together with the residents of the Eldenaer Höfe, we are already looking forward to summer 2013, when the daycare "Kita Klax" will open its doors for the young boys and girls.

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