Berlin - Eldenaer Tor | The Klax daycare center opens its doors in Eldenaer Tor

01.08.2013 | cds Administrator Susann Fünfstück

True to the motto "He who wants to achieve great things must start with the small issues", the Klax daycare center and cds Wohnbau Berlin GmbH inaugurated the combined residential and commercial development "Eldenaer Tor".

Yesterday, in a southeastern quarter of Prenzlauer Berg along the Eldenaer Strasse, numerous brightly-colored balloons were hung up as decorations to commemorate the opening of two children's daycare centers. The new Klax daycare centers were able to open on August 1st, 2013 as planned, and are called "Mondbär" (Moon Bear) and "Sonnenkäfer" (Sun Beetle). The legal right to receive support with raising young children via a daycare center or a nursery is now ensured in this new development located around the Alter Schlachthof.

cds Wohnbau Berlin GmbH_Kita Klax_Eldenaer Tor_Prenzlauer Berg_Wohnungen

KLAX Berlin gGmbH and the developer cds Wohnbau GmbH inaugurated the daycares together with the Vice-District Mayor and City Councilman Jens-Holger Kirchner.

cds Wohnbau Berlin GmbH - Eldenaer Tor - Eigentumswohnungen und Kindertagesstätte - Kita Berlin - Friedrichshain

Multifunctional utilization concept

The utilization concept of the building is exceptional: In the combined residential and commercial development, two daycares are located on the ground floor measuring 760 square meters, while four large apartments are located above the daycares.

Claus-Dieter Schmidt, Executive Manager for cds Wohnbau Berlin GmbH, explains this extraordinary situation: "During the development of the project, families were always a focus. In the Eldenaer Höfe, we expanded this family-friendly quarter with 82 town houses. This fusion of daycare centers and living space at Eldenaer Tor concluded the three-year construction works in the Alter Schlachthof urban development area in Pankow."

Friderike Bostelmann, CEO of KLAX Berlin gGmbh, welcomes the guests that showed up for the inauguration: "We are glad to contribute to the provision of daycare places in Berlin, especially at a point in time where the legal right to be assigned such a place has just taken effect."

The architecture of the Eldenaer Tor residential and commercial complex combines daycares with a relaxing atmosphere for tenants. The apartments in the interior of the building are equipped with small enclosed Mediterranean "patio gardens".

cds Wohnbau Berlin GmbH_Kita Klax_Eldenaer Tor_Prenzlauer Berg_Eröffnung

These quiet open spaces are relaxing spots of greenery free from the traffic noise of the Eldenaer Straße outside, and also provide a soundproof barrier between the daycare and residential sections.

Jens-Holger Kirchner, District Councilman for the Pankow district, explains: "The daycare building is able to attend to a total of 90 children. Because most of the residents here are new and young families, daycare places are in short supply. I would like to express my gratitude to the educational institution Klax Berlin gGmbH and cds Wohnbau GmbH, who was able to build two additional daycare centers after a short but intensive construction period of only one year in cooperation with Klax."

cds Wohnbau Berlin GmbH_Kita Klax_Eldenaer Tor_Spielplatzpflege Blankensteinpark_Jens Holger Kirchner_Bezirksstadtrat Berlin Pankow_Abt. Stadtentwicklung

Claus-Dieter Schmidt also expressed this thanks for the cooperation with the district of Pankow, and presented a €5,000 check for the maintenance of the playground in the neighboring Blankensteinpark. In its follow-up project, cds Wohnbau Berlin is also supporting the construction of additional daycare places in the Köpenick district. Here, 67 semi-detached houses will be constructed along the Feldblumenweg starting in 2014.

For more photos of the inauguration ceremony, have a look at the "Eldenaer Tor" project.

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