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15.07.2013 | cds Administrator Susann Fünfstück

Property acquisition in Dreieich-Sprendlingen

cds Wohnbau GmbH was able to acquire new property in Dreieich-Sprendlingen that fulfills our requirements of being able to create individualized living spaces. The planning that consciously focuses on the individual town house has begun. The modern architectural style and the flexible forms of living and ground plans are tailored to suit the most diverse of needs. As it has been so far, the work that needs to be done depends on the characteristics of the property. The spectrum of residential possibilities includes classic terraced houses, semi-detached houses, and single-family houses on generous plots of land. Rows of linked houses have also been planned for this project.

The total of 36 cds houses will be constructed in an area of new developments that is surrounded by greenery and which guarantees inhabitants good transportation connections to the city center. Unit sales will begin at the end of 2013 with the motto "Heckenborn — Dreieich's green residential area".

Dreieich is located to the south of the metropolis Frankfurt am Main, and with 40,000 inhabitants, it is the second largest municipality in the Offenbach district. Dreieich-Sprendlingen is the northernmost city quarter of Dreieich and is situated approx. 10 km south of Frankfurt. Darmstadt is located approx. 20 km to the north. This central location makes Sprendlingen not only interesting for locals, but also for newcomers.

Dreieich offers culture and places of interest. Along the westernmost edge of the municipality, Dreieich also possess historical buildings in art nouveau style. A beautiful historical city center and annual Burgfestspiel festivals in the Hayn castle ruins are extremely popular here. In addition, Sprendlingen is also famous for its church consecration festival on Whitsun. The shows at the community center with a theater, operettas and concerts are some of the best in the Offenbach district.

Sports and leisure activities, as well as open-air and indoor swimming pools are in the immediate vicinity. Due to the great local amenities, schools and kindergartens are all within short distances. The "Neuhof", a manor of half-timbered ensembles with an adjacent golf course, rounds off the selection of leisure activities on offer.

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