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Please feel free to arrange a personal consultation and viewing for any of the projects on sale. We can currently offer you the following viewings or consultation sessions:

"FISCHZUG", Halbinsel Stralau, Berlin

Info office always open Saturdays and Sundays from 12-15.

"Heimathafen", Ostseebad Boltenhagen

Infocenter: Ostseeallee 34-36, Mi. 15- 17 Uhr

Rhein/Main, Ober-Erlenbach "Am Hühnerstein"

Advisory Sonntag von 14-16 Uhr.
Infoline: 069-68 97 477-16

Rhein/Main, Offenbach-Bürgel

We offer you individual appointments for discussions or visits.
Infoline: 069-68 97 477-27