Hamburger Tafel e.V.

In Germany, millions of people live in income poverty or are threatened by it (especially those on social security benefits, late resettlers, migrants or pensioners). When money is tight, most people save on their daily diet, which can put a strain on their health.

At the same time, food producers and markets as well as events produce large amounts of food every day, which - although of impeccable quality - can no longer be sold in the economic cycle and would otherwise often end up in the garbage.

The Hamburger Tafel supports people in need by providing them with donated food. Although the food bank does not distribute this food to people in need, it takes care of the entire administrative and logistical process: collecting food donations, storing them and finally distributing them to the social institutions.

The Hamburger Tafel makes an important contribution to humanity and sustainability and we would like to support that. This year's Christmas donation from cds Wohnbau Hamburg GmbH therefore goes to the Hamburger Tafel, which finances its running costs exclusively from donations because, as a non-profit organization, it is not subsidized by government grants.

The Hamburger Tafel e.V. (founded in 1994 by the late honorary chairwoman Annemarie Dose) supports the needy with food that is no longer intended for sale. The association collects this food and supplies cooperation partners.

  • area of effect is Hamburg north of the Elbe
  • 31 social facilities, who operate food dispensaries are supplied.
  • About 65 other facilities regularly receive food from the Hamburger Tafel.
  • above 200 farms will total over 600mal from 16 vehicles (Delivery van with cooling device) approached. The average weekly mileage of all 16 Tafel cars is around 3000 km. A number of issuing offices and social institutions pick up additional goods from the warehouse with their own cars every week.
  • The distribution points alone supply each week 30,000 needy.
  • above 90 tons of groceries distributes the Hamburger Tafel per week.
  • At the table are over 120 volunteers (women and men) working.
  • Die Mitarbeiter*innen sind insgesamt mehr als 16.000 Stunden pro Jahr im Einsatz

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