Opening of the Jenfelder Au bookshop in the "4YOU" project: Experience diversity and space for innovation

cds Wohnbau Hamburg Nachrichten Projekt 4YOU

We are delighted to look back on the successful opening of the Jenfelder Au bookshop in Hamburg-Jenfeld, which took place on 1 December.

As the project developer and client of construction site 9.11 (directly adjacent to Kaskadenpark), the project team at cds und Wulff Wohnbau Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG, is proud to be able to present not only a Hamburg public library, but also a unique experience space on the Jenfelder Au after almost 2 years of construction.

The Jenfelder Au bookshop is about more than just books. Here you have the opportunity not only to read, but also to experience. From renting a PlayStation 5 controller to sewing machines and cordless screwdrivers, we offer a wide range of items to enrich your daily life.

But that's not all... We still have two commercial spaces (158.37 m² - 201.29 m²) waiting for inspired tenants. These spaces offer the perfect opportunity to bring your ideas to life (e.g. practice, office or retail space). The units are ready for occupation, can be viewed at short notice and are waiting to be put into operation.

Visit us and discover how the Jenfelder Au bookshop and the remaining commercial units in this project will become a place of experience and innovation.

Visualisation: ©Lindenkreuz Eggert GdR, Architekt kbnk Architekten GmbH