“Star Bridge” children’s hospice

“Star Bridge” children’s hospice in Hamburg

In 2018, cds Wohnbau Hamburg supported the first children's hospice in Hamburg, "Star Bridge".


According to estimates, there are up to 50,000 children, adolescents and young adults in Germany who suffer from diseases or disabilities that shorten their lives so much that they die from them at a young age. In order to provide them and their families with the greatest possible support on their difficult path, the Sternenbrücke children's hospice opened in Hamburg in May 2003 as a pilot project for northern Germany.

The Sternenbrücke children's hospice is largely financed by donations and is therefore dependent on the financial support of third parties. The comprehensive care and support for a family in the Sternenbrücke costs around 1,100 euros a day, of which around 50 percent is covered by the health and nursing care insurance funds. This results in an annual donation requirement of around 1.8 million euros. Therefore, the Sternenbrücke is permanently dependent on the support of committed citizens, companies and foundations.

The Sternenbrücke remains in touch with the affected families even after the loss of their child. Discussions about what has been experienced and filling the resulting emptiness with memories are the content of the work. They dedicate a special place to these memories in the Garden of Remembrance. Here the parents of the children who died in the Sternenbrücke can set up a lamp with their name on it.