Discussion round “BerlinBeweger” 2018

BerlinBeweger - Real estate and housing industry of the Berliner Zeitung November 13, 2018

"Conversations shed new light not only on the questions themselves, but also on the people who discuss them." Martin Andersen-Nexö (1869-1954), Danish. Writer.

On November 13, 2018, the exclusive discussion round "BerlinBeweger - Real Estate & Housing Industry" took place.

The BerlinForum is the direct route for industry-relevant topics of conversation. The special publication "Berlin Beweger", accompanying the top-class decision-making round, has successfully established itself as a constant and is already starting its 6th year. A lot of interesting topics were accompanied by numerous decision-makers in the city! Among the interlocutors was the managing director of the cds Wohnbau Group, Mr. Claus-Dieter Schmidt - a regular guest of the Berlin real estate round.

The Berliner Zeitung organizes the BerlinForum together with the editor-in-chief, the management of the Berliner Verlag and 15 other decision-makers from the business sector. Representatives of the relevant senate administrations are regularly welcome guests in the rounds.

main topics

Two years after the start of the red-red-green coalition, how far has Berlin come in its efforts to stimulate new housing construction? How can particularly inexpensive apartments be created? 

What are the obstacles to building new homes? How serious are the limited construction capacities? What is the effect of the lack of inexpensive building land and what can the Senate do about it? 

Which parameters can be adjusted to speed up housing construction? What is the effect of the program of action decided by the Senate, which includes the appointment of a task force for the new building? 

Which actors – private companies, state-owned companies and cooperatives – can and should take on which tasks in new construction? 

Are the existing subsidy programs sufficient for social housing? 

What effects can be expected from the new child allowance? 

What are the effects of the planned change in tenancy law? What other regulatory measures may be necessary - and what effects would they have? 

How can the pressure be increased to mobilize fallow land for new construction?