Good aiderbichl

Gut Aiderbichl – a unique meeting place for people and animals

Even before the company was founded in 2001, Michael Aufhauser campaigned for animal rights. Together with Dieter Ehrengruber, Gut Aiderbichl became a driving force for fair conditions for animals.

Part of the Christmas donation from cds Wohnbau Hamburg this year goes to the many rescued animals, which are guaranteed a new, happy and livable home on Gut Aiderbichl. All animals are welcome and may stay on the estate until their natural end of life.

The farms that can be visited are located at three different locations: Gut Aiderbichl in Henndorf near Salzburg, Gut Aiderbichl in Iffeldorf near Munich and Gut Aiderbichl in Deggendorf near Passau. A total of 35 different animal species currently live here, which are cared for by the animal keepers 365 days a year.

Michael Aufhauser and Dieter Ehrengruber were primarily concerned with being able to help animals in need on a large scale. The focus was not on the size of the property itself, but rather on sufficient capacity. It is thanks to his know-how, professional commitment and his feeling for people and animals that Gut Aiderbichl was able to grow and establish itself for this purpose. Many thousands of animals have benefited from it - until today.

It quickly became clear to Michael Aufhauser that animal protection must also mean human protection. His credo: Even if we could protect animals from us humans, we would not have achieved anything. We have only achieved something when we no longer have to protect animals from us humans. Then we changed something: “Us!”.