Help getting started in everyday working life

Mentoring project Neukölln, help getting started in everyday working life

The mentoring project has already brought 220 couples together.

"It takes a whole village to raise a child," says an African proverb. Because only with the help of many young people make the leap into life. This also applies to Neukölln, according to the Neukölln Citizens' Foundation, which launched the mentoring project in 2006.

Many committed citizens were quickly found who wanted to pass on their experiences on a voluntary basis and support young people in their last two school years. Because especially in this time - just before the step into real life - young people need someone who can not only help with small homework but also with big decisions, who advises, comforts and listens. In the process, both sides often get to know a completely new world.

In the "Neukölln Mentoring Project", working adults accompany young people from Neukölln from the 9th grade on the basis of trust and mutual respect on their way from graduation to the first steps into professional life. 

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Liljana is a former refugee child from a war zone. When she arrived she had no knowledge of German. No space to study in the small apartment. Overworked teachers at hotspot schools full of students from families in difficult situations. Your prospects: getting better and better.
With Svenja she got a new role model and someone who shows her what you can achieve. Thanks to their support and with a lot of ambition, Liljana caught up on everything and graduated from secondary school. And she has even more plans – the middle school certificate is to follow. Svenja is sure: Liljana can do it.


Svenja knows how tight the timing can be. And how to successfully complete the project with good organization. As a project manager, she has both feet on the ground in her professional life. She met Liljana when she was in 9th grade. Insecurity turned into self-confidence. Bad grades turned into an A for homework. But Svenja Liljana not only gave tuition at school, but also in life, e.g. B. through Liljana's first bike tour to the Müggelsee. Without the Neukölln mentoring project, she knows, they would never have met.