Real estate discussion round "BerlinBeweger" 2019

Gesprächsrunde „BerlinBeweger“ 2019

"Conversations shed new light not only on the questions themselves, but also on the people who discuss them." Martin Andersen-Nexö (1869-1954), Danish. Writer.

Am 26. November 2019 fand die exklusive Gesprächsrunde „BerlinBeweger – Immobilien & Wohnungswirtschaft“ statt.

The BerlinForum is the direct route for industry-relevant topics of conversation. The special publication “Berlin Beweger”, which accompanies the top-class round of decision-makers, has successfully established itself as a constant and is already entering its 7th year. Many interesting topics were discussed by numerous decision-makers in the city! Among the interlocutors was the managing director of the cds Wohnbau Group, Mr. Claus-Dieter Schmidt - a regular guest of the Berlin real estate round.

main topics

1. Current hour:

Information on current issues of housing policy. Urban development senator Katrin Lompscher will give us information about the status of the development of the rent cap. This includes a discussion about the possible effects of the rent cap on new construction and the renovation of apartment buildings - and on the wallets of the tenants. 

2. Focus topic:

Building plots and building capacities. How is the situation in Berlin? Is there still enough space for apartments? Who owns the land? Under what conditions may publicly owned land be allocated? How can the price increase for building plots be slowed down? And: Are there enough builders? Do the construction companies have enough capacity to process the orders as quickly as possible? 

3. Open question and answer session on other interesting topics from the group of participants.